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Wish You Very Happy and Prosperous New Year Let us start 2019 be with setting financial priorities right. Market brief 2018 has been the year of volatility and severe beating of small and mid-cap stocks. Though 2017 was a great year in terms of return and there is no way to avoid years like 2018. We don’t have any clue on 2019 will be. Only what we can say with experience that there more good years than bad year after almost a decade of staying invested in the markets. For anything good to happen, things take time, so is very true for markets. Avoid looking at the portfolio frequently, leave it on us. There are better things to do in life in the limited time we are on earth. We think a yearly review is more than enough that we do with all our client’s portfolios. We propose these 9 commandments to follow, will help you Achieve goal in a peaceful manner.
  1. Have an Emergency Fund– That should be equal to 6 months of your monthly expenses in a liquid fund.
  1. Have a Term Insurance – Buy a cover at least 15 times of annual income.
  1. Have Medical Insurance Policy – covering your family. Buy a family floater plan adequately covering future medical expenses.
  1. Have Home Insurance– That covers both fire and theft.
  1. Start Investing 80 c regularly not a last of the financial year. Start investing ELSS Mutual Funds.
  1. Have a goal based Investing plan ready – Using mutual funds achieve your short and long plan.
  1. Build a Retirement Corpus – Start investing through SIP and create a will.
  1. Choose Gold Funds –rather than physical gold.
  1. Have a Nominee – in all investments.
We wish you and your family a very happy and prosperous new year.
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