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What is Roadside Assisstance?

Roadside assistance is a vehicular support service offered by FinAsk Value to individuals who experience a vehicular breakdown in their journey/travel. The service typically provides benefits such as getting the vehicle fixed on the spot, refueling it, towing the vehicle to the nearest garage, extending medical assistance, and much more. FinAsk Value offers the best road assistance for four-wheelers and two-wheelers in India.

How do I request for assistance?

For emergency breakdown assistance, you can call us at 18005723861

Is there a coverage limit for RSA?

FinAsk Value provides PAN India coverage through their partnered networks.

Is there a vehicle age limit?

Yes, Up to 10 years.

Does roadside assistance affect vehicle warranty with manufacturer?

As no unauthorized repairs are done and the vehicle is towed to the nearest service station in case of a major breakdown, roadside assistance does not affect the vehicle warranty.

Would you be providing assistance even if some other member of the family is driving the car?

We provide roadside assistance to any person who is driving the car, as long as the car is covered. There may be an authorization request call for service to the owner for confirmation in case help is requested by another member.

Can I avail membership on my other cars too?

Each membership is for a particular vehicle. You can buy memberships for different vehicles but you cannot use coverage benefits for one vehicle on another.

Is there a limit on the number of times the service can be availed?

Under the Standard Plan, you can avail of the service 3 times a year. However, in the Premium Plan, there is no limit on service requests.

Is it possible to transfer Roadside Assistance Membership?

No, the membership cannot be transferred from one vehicle to another during the duration of the membership. In case you sell your car, the new owner can avail of the service until the expiration of the membership.

Can an old cycle be insured?