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Pain to continue in Short Term

Pain to continue in Short Term
We have seen red in our portfolios along a heighten volatility; this is way markets behave in short term. The fact it is unavoidable but it good for long-term investor as they get stocks/Mutual fund units at cheap prices with no change in fundamentals.Only people who stay emotionally strong become and stay rich. If returns were to come linear, then everybody could get rich. Markets. i.e. debt and equity give lumpy returns. 80% of returns happen in 20% of the time. So there is no other better to stay invested.If we want to have returns above inflation and economy growth return, build wealth, preserve and enhance/maintain our lifestyle there is no way to avoid the pain resulting out of volatility. Some of the clients have experienced the fact timing the market is not possible to time but avoid we could avoid noise and stay the course. As we always say this time shall pass through. Usually, new clients want to stop SIP’s but they lose the opportunity to acquire new units at lower prices. We always want our client to invest for long and redeem only the time their goal is achieved. Some of the clients usually want to sell but by selling they convert the notional loss into a permanent loss of capital.With exit polls out giving a mixed reaction, we could heighten volatility and if by chance BJP loses in states like Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh then equity market will correct as well, as it running with expectation of BJP victory.To become wealthy start to embrace volatility and bear the stress, stay the course- Mantra for becoming wealthy.
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