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Time to nibble in, not to panic

Time to nibble in, not to panic
Thanking you for investing through FinAsk Value.It part of our initiatives to stay connected with our clients.Yesterday fall has made few of clients curious and worried about their investments and want to know the way forward, why that such fall has happened in a single day and what we have doing all through these times. As usual we have sitting ideal and watching the fall.In all our meeting with you, we have always stressed upon that equity markets are volatile and can become irrational in short term. But yesterday’s fall was much due correction and it part of market cycles, has happened in the past as well.There are whole lot of reasons that we could say for this correction; sudden depreciation of rupees, trade war between America & China, rising interest rates, high Current account deficit, crude prices breaching 82$ mark and chances of high inflation etc. These types of high volatity times have been there in past, but today things are much better than previous like 2008 crash, 2011, 2013,let me tell you that.In long term markets will go up. But it will not be linear movement- we will see both ups and down. Overall 70% of time, markets are up but we cannot fear away left over 30% of time. Though we cannot do much, the best is to avoid and not panic. Its difficult to predict that there is more pain in the system left or not. This is how markets behave; it is very normal and usual.Finally don’t panic and avoid looking at your portfolio and stay invested, remember this will also pass through.These are not times to panic rather we should treat it as opportunity to invest.“During bear markets,If you redeem your money you convert you loss in permanent loss, If you invest, you convert temporary opportunity into permanent gain.Choice is yours
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